Alexandra Castillejos

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The single-coat protein (CP) of bacteriophage Qβ self-assembles into T = 3 icosahedral virus-like particles (VLPs), of interest for a wide range of applications. These VLPs are very stable, but identification of the specific molecular determinants of this stability is lacking. To investigate these determinants along with manipulations that confer more(More)
Accurate heat transfer models of continuous casting require accurate measurements to characterize the boundary conditions, temperature and alloy-dependent thermal properties, optimization of numerical errors caused by model discretization, and validation with plant measurements. Recent efforts of an international collaboration on all of these aspects are(More)
Keywords: Spray cooling Steady-state method Boiling heat flux measurement Dense air mists Induction heating a b s t r a c t This work presents a technique for characterizing water air-mist cooling of surfaces at temperatures from 200–1200 °C while subjected to intense spraying conditions, so that the heat flux could reach values in excess of 10 MW/m 2. In(More)
Keywords: Spray cooling Steady-state heat flux measurement Spray characteristics Stable film boiling regime Heat flux correlation Steel continuous casting a b s t r a c t The boiling convection heat flux, Àq, taking place during the impingement of a water air-mist upon the surface of a Pt-disk, held at steady-state surface temperatures T w ranging between(More)
Degeneration of photoreceptors is a primary cause of vision loss worldwide, making the underlying mechanisms surrounding photoreceptor cell death critical to developing new treatment strategies. Retinal detachment, characterized by the separation of photoreceptors from the underlying retinal pigment epithelium, is a sight-threatening event that can happen(More)
The paper describes the techniques for the autonomous detection of moving targets by processing a sequence of sensor imageries in remote sensing applications. Two detection algorithms, which do not need a matrix inversion, are developed by extension of Hotellingpsilas principal-component method showing excellent performance and robustness. The detection of(More)
This paper presents a methodology combining experimental measurements with computational modeling to find the heat flux extracted during spray cooling of a metal surface. Controlled experiments are performed to impinge air-mist spray onto a metal probe surface while applying induction heating to follow a desired temperature history. A transient(More)
Due to the rapid cooling of the slag infiltrated into the mold-strand gap, it is expected that the rate of devitrification of the glass formed plays a key role in determining the proportion of crystalline phases influencing mold heat transfer. In this investigation, a novel procedure to calculate Time-Temperature-Transformation curves of mold slags is(More)
Proliferative retinopathic diseases often progress in 2 phases: initial regression of retinal vasculature (phase 1) followed by subsequent neovascularization (NV) (phase 2). The immune system has been shown to aid in vascular pruning in such retinopathies; however, little is known about the role of the alternative complement pathway in the initial vascular(More)
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