Alexandra Bohm

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We recently identified the ectoenzyme CD203c as a novel basophil activation antigen that is upregulated in response to FcepsilonRI cross-linkage. We investigated the effects of various interleukins (ILs) on expression of CD203c on blood basophils using an antibody against CD203c and flow cytometry. Of all cytokines tested, only IL-3 was found to upregulate(More)
Eleven cases of large cell anaplastic lymphoma (T typen=5, B typen=4, 0 typen=2) were investigated using electron microscopy and immunophenotyping on formalin-fixed paraffin sections and frozen sections of fresh tissue, to determine whether morphological criteria exist for the discrimination of T, B, and 0 phenotypes. Tumour cell lineage could not be(More)
BACKGROUND Mast cells (MC) are important effector cells of allergic and inflammatory reactions in diverse organs. These cells interact with a number of other immune cells and structural cells in the tissues as well as with proinflammatory mediators and cytokines. The various interactions are considered to be mediated through distinct cell surface membrane(More)
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