Alexandra Boakes

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Protein kinase D (PKD) family members are increasingly implicated in multiple normal and abnormal biological functions, including signaling pathways that promote mitogenesis in pancreatic cancer. However, nothing is known about the effects of targeting PKD in pancreatic cancer. Our PKD inhibitor discovery program identified CRT0066101 as a specific(More)
1 Labetalol, a beta- and alpha-adrenoreceptor-blocking drug, has been used in the treatment of hypertension in a total of 32 patients for over 4.5 yr, 14 patients for 3 yr or more. 2 Labetalol seems to have a similarly potency of methyldopa and the adrenergic neurone-blocking drugs. 3 Postural hypotension was only observed at doses over 2 g/d. It was the(More)
Labetalol 1-5 mg/kg administered intravenously to normal subjects in the supine position produced an immediate mean fall in systolic (16%) and diastolic (25%) blood pressure with a concomitant increase in heart rate (12%). After graded exercise, intravenous labetalol inhibited increases in heart rate and blood pressure. Isoprenaline log dose response curves(More)
1. Intravenous administration of compound AH 5158, which possesses alpha- and beta-adrenergic receptor-blocking properties, produces haemodynamic effects similar to those seen from the combined effects of propranolol and hydrallazine. 2. Chronic oral administration has demonstrated that compound AH 5158 is an effective hypotensive agent capable of(More)
Intravenous infusions of phenylephrine, noradrenaline, adrenaline, and isoprenaline were given to healthy human volunteers after five to seven days on phenelzine, tranylcypromine, or imipramine, and cardiovascular responses were compared with those observed under control conditions. With monoamine oxidase inhibitors there was a 2-2(1/2) fold potentiation of(More)
VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) plays an essential role in angiogenesis during development and in disease largely mediated by signalling events initiated by binding of VEGF to its receptor, VEGFR2 (VEGF receptor 2)/KDR (kinase insert domain receptor). Recent studies indicate that VEGF activates PKD (protein kinase D) in endothelial cells to(More)