Alexandra Aubé

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Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is required for pharmaceutical drugs with dosage limitations or toxicity issues where patients undergoing treatment with these drugs require frequent monitoring. This allows for the concentration of such pharmaceutical drugs in a patient's biofluid to be closely monitored in order to assess the pharmacokinetics, which could(More)
Non-specific adsorption of the molecular components of biofluids is ubiquitous in the area of biosensing technologies, severely limiting the use of biosensors in real-world applications. The surface chemistries developed to prevent non-specific adsorption of crude serum are not necessarily suited for sensing in other biosamples. In particular, the(More)
We synthesized novel ultra-low fouling ionic liquids and demonstrated their use with surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensing for the analysis of HER2 in breast cancer cell lysates. Whilst biomarkers are commonly detected in serum, this remains challenging for cancer diagnosis due to their low concentrations in circulation and in some cases, there is a poor(More)
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