Alexandr V. Babkin

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The borreliosis etiology was verified in 60% cases of the morphea, 100% cases of the atrophoderma of Pasini-Pierini and 100% cases of anetoderma by means of IFA with Ip-21 antigen (B. afzelii) and silver staining after Levadity. Borreliae were located near the capillaries, muscular and areolar tissue fibers of the derm and near the granulated cells of(More)
Rights: © 1996 American Physical Society (APS). This is the accepted version of the following article: Ruutu, J. P. & Hakonen, Pertti J. & Penttilä, J. S. & Babkin, A. V. & Saramäki, J. P. & Sonin, E. B. 1996. Evidence of 4He Crystallization via Quantum Tunneling at mK Temperatures. Physical Review Letters. Volume 77, Issue 12. 2514-2517. ISSN 0031-9007(More)
New paramagnetic susceptibility thermometers have been developed for use in fundamental physics missions in earth orbit. These devices use a SQUID magnetometer to measure the variation in the dc magnetization of a thermometric element that consists of a dilute concentration of manganese in a palladium matrix. Near 2.2 K these new PdMn thermometers have(More)
Expression of genes encoding the individual subunits of ionotropic GABAA receptor was assessed after acute and chronic intoxication of rats with ethanol. The chronic 1-month-long exposure to ethanol signifi cantly decreased (by 38%) expression of Gabrb1 gene in the hippocampus. Acute exposure to ethanol elevated expression of genes Gabrb1 (by 1.7 times),(More)
Experimental and theoretical models of closed "autotroph-heterotroph" (chlorella-yeast, chlorella-protozoa) ecosystems with spatially separated components have been created and studied. The chart of flows and interaction of components of gas-closed "chlorella-yeast" system have formed the basis describe mathematically the functioning of the given system,(More)
In this paper the strategy and ways of F0 contour generation in TTS system for Russian language are described. The system is developed in Lomonosov Moscow State University and based on two methods: concatenation of allophones' waveforms and prosodic rules to control pitch, duration and intensity. These rules form a part of speech control module which(More)
Hydrolysis data for Bis(3-(3,4-dicyanophenoxy)phenyl) phenyl phosphate and Bis(3-(3,4-dicyanophenoxy)phenyl) phenylphosphonate under pH 4, 7 and 10 are presented. Conversion/time plots collected by HPLC analysis, typical chromatograms and NMR spectra of the reactions products are given. Pseudo-first order rate constants are determined for both substrates at(More)
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