Alexandr S. Gusev

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Methods of radionuclide diagnosis modified with regard to the clinical problems and combined with new mathematic approaches to the processing of the data obtained make it possible to substantially enlarge the diagnostic information on myocardial contractility, central hemodynamics, the status and perfusion of the myocardium and to use it in combination with(More)
The work analyses results of the endoscopic examination of a pathology of gastroanastomosis in 85 patients with peptic ulcers. Most of them were postgastroresectional in origin. High diagnostic value of the method is shown which allows detection of the ulcer (in 98,8%), its exact localization and characterization of the defect, the surrounding mucosa and(More)
The motivation of the presented research is based on the need to develop new methods and tools for obtaining information required to evaluate mutual influence between high voltage direct and alternating current systems. This paper presents a specialized concept of hybrid simulation for advanced simulation of the Flexible Alternating Current Transmission(More)
Electron microscopic study of arteries in spasm and ischemia of the brain revealed substantial ultrastructural changes in the vascular wall. The changes are characterized by varying thickness, edema, dissociation of fibrillar and amorphous components of internal elastic membrane of the arterial wall, by lesion in the network of collagen fibers on its inner(More)