Alexandr Popa

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The platinum(II) dichlorido and oxalato complexes of the general formula cis-[PtCl(2)(nHaza)(2)] (1-3) [Pt(ox)(nHaza)(2)] (4-6) involving 7-azaindole halogeno-derivatives (nHaza) were prepared and thoroughly characterized. A single-crystal X-ray analysis of cis-[PtCl(2)(3ClHaza)(2)]·DMF (1·DMF; 3ClHaza symbolizes 3-chloro-7-azaindole) revealed a distorted(More)
Here we describe the leishmanicidal activities of a library of 2,6,9-trisubstituted purines that were screened for interaction with Cdc2-related protein kinase 3 (CRK3) and subsequently for activity against parasitic Leishmania species. The most active compound inhibited recombinant CRK3 with an IC50 value of 162 nM and was active against Leishmania major(More)
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