Alexandr Kazda

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We compare two commonly used diagnostic approaches, one relying on plasma bicarbonate concentration and "anion gap," the other on "base excess," with a third method based on physicochemical principles, for their value in detecting complex metabolic acid-base disturbances. We analyzed arterial blood samples from 152 patients and nine normal subjects for pH,(More)
We investigate the continuity of the ω-functions and real functions defined by weighted finite automata (WFA). We concentrate on the case of average preserving WFA. We show that every continuous ω-function definable by some WFA can be defined by an average preserving WFA and then characterize minimal average preserving WFA whose ω-function or ω-function and(More)
The main result of this paper is a generalization of the classical blossom algorithm for finding perfect matchings. Our algorithm can efficiently solve Boolean CSPs where each variable appears in exactly two constraints (we call it edge CSP) and all constraints are even ∆-matroid relations (represented by lists of tuples). As a consequence of this, we(More)