Alexandr Efimov

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In eukaryotic ribosome, the N domain of polypeptide release factor eRF1 is involved in decoding stop signals in mRNAs. However, structure of the decoding site remains obscure. Here, we specifically altered the stop codon recognition pattern of human eRF1 by point mutagenesis of the invariant Glu55 and Tyr125 residues in the N domain. The 3D structure of(More)
We report new measurements of the differential and total branching ratios for inclusive B decay to D 0 , D + and D * + and the first measurement of the same quantities for inclusive B decay to D * 0. Here B is the mixture of B d and Bu from Υ(4S) decay. Furthermore, since more than one charm particle (or antiparticle) of the same kind can be produced in B(More)
We investigate the effect of long-range diffusive mixing on stochastic processes taking place on low-dimensional catalytic supports. As a working example, the cyclic lattice Lotka-Volterra (LLV) model is used which is conservative at the mean-field level and demonstrates fractal patterns and local oscillations when realized on low-dimensional lattice(More)
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