Alexandr B. Kirillov

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This paper describes the analysis of the well known neural network model by Wilson and Cowan. The neural network is modeled by a system of two ordinary differential equations that describe the evolution of average activities of excitatory and inhibitory populations of neurons. We analyze the dependence of the model's behavior on two parameters. The(More)
Chronic single neuronal recording techniques were applied to investigate the involvement of the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) during cocaine self-administration in the rat. Rats were trained to press a lever for cocaine under continuous reinforcement and fixed ratio schedules. Different patterns of phasic neuronal activity changes were found to be(More)
A new method is proposed to analyse dependencies in point processes, which takes into account specific character of neuronal activity. Simulation modelling of neuronal network revealed that the estimated weight of connection depends monotonically on the value of the model synaptic strength. In contrast to the crosscorrelation, the method allows for(More)
The purpose of this study is to find a unified explanation of various data on single neuronal, EEG, and behavioral levels simultaneously. Specifically, the authors seek a unified view on cortico-septo-hippocampal system function. The main results are that: (a) phase transitions in the brain are not a theoretical framework only useful for unified explanation(More)
Types of spontaneous activity (SA) of neostriatal neurons were investigated in acute experiments on rats (one group of animals was immobilized with D-tubocurarine, the other groups anesthetized with pentobarbital) using statistical methods of investigation, and dependence of a form of cross-correlation function on the type of SA and of the distance between(More)
Chronic ensemble recording techniques were used to investigate neuronal activity in the nucleus accumbens in freely moving rats during different cocaine self-administration schedules. The issue of concern in this study was the role of nucleus accumbens in initiating and sustaining cocaine self-administration. Specifically, to determine the nature of the(More)
AmTRACT A new model of a controlled neuron oscillatJOr, proposed earlier {Kryukov et aI, 1986} for the interpretation of the neural activity in various parts of the central nervous system, may have important applications in engineering and in the theory of brain functions. The oscillator has a good stability of the oscillation period, its frequency is(More)
Statistical methods were used to study types of background activity (BA) of neostriatum neurons. Dependence of the crosscorrelation function on the BA type and on a distance between the neurons was examined in acute experiments on rats (one group was immobilized with d-tubocurarin, the other was under nembutal anesthesia). It is shown that BA according to(More)