Alexander von Stetten

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What is the business value of process standardization? Alongside the development of industrial engineering of information technology and of business process redesign studied by Davenport and Short (1990), and Davenport's approach defining business processes (Davenport, 2005), other researchers offer initial insights into business process standardization(More)
How can management handle relationship problems arising from cultural differences in multinational IT project teams? This paper uses a social capital lens to better understand the negative impact of cultural differences in IT project teams. In contrast to many previous works we do not consider cultural differences as a whole but explore the role of the(More)
Despite an era of global recession qualified staff is still rare due to the demographical situation worldwide. Companies are forced to develop new cost saving recruitment strategies to ensure the necessary labor supply while recruitment budgets are pruned. In this area, the use of information technology creates interesting opportunities to contact(More)
Outsourcing relationships usually benefit from face-to-face (F2F) meetings between client and vendor staff in various manners, for instance, by fostering trust, mutual understanding, and knowledge transfer. While being an expensive and often not frequently used measure in IT offshoring to far-distant countries, frequent F2F meetings are especially(More)