Alexander Zharkov

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Contusion spinal injury of different severity was induced by the weight drop method in male rats by dropping standard weight from the heights of 6.5, 12.5, 25, and 50 mm on the spine after laminectomy at the Th9 level. The dynamics of recovery of voluntary movements was evaluated over 8 weeks after the operation by comparing the traditional semiquantitative(More)
This paper describes how materialized views could be used in distributed Real-Time Database Management System. We provide algorithm for dynamic materialized views building and cost evaluation. The main difference of provided method is that we take into account temporal properties of base relations and data manipulation operations. Experimental part provides(More)
The article considers the changes of gas composition, acid-base blood balance, lipid peroxidation processes, and activity of the antioxidant defense system in rat myocardium in the course of adaptation to physical activity (swimming). It has been found out that during the first five days physical activity is accompanied by hypoxia, acidotic blood changes,(More)
A new species of bacteria oxidizing ammonium with nitrite under anoxic conditions was isolated from the activated sludge of a semi-industrial bioreactor treating digested sludge of the Kuryanovo wastewater treatment plant (Moscow, Russia). Physiological, morphological, and molecular genetic characterization of the isolate was carried out. The cells were(More)
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