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Properties of the most familiar optimality criteria, for example AD D-and E-optimality, are well known, but the distance optimality criterion has not drawn much attention to date. In this paper properties of the distance optimality criterion for the parameter vector of the classical linear model under normally distributed errors are investigated. DS-optimal(More)
In this paper we present a new stochastic characterization of the Loewner optimality design criterion. The result is obtained by proving a generalization to the well known corollary of Anderson's theorem. Certain connections between the Loewner optimality and the stochastic distance optimality design criterion are showed. We also present applications and(More)
In a homogeneous jury, in which each vote is correct with the same probability, and each pair of votes correlates with the same correlation coefficient, there exists a correlation-robust voting quota, such that the probability of a correct verdict is independent of the correlation coefficient. For positive correlation, an increase in the correlation(More)
Necessary and sufficient conditions are given for multidimensional p-stable limit theorems (i.e. theorems on convergence of normalized partial sums S n /b n of a stationary sequence of random vectors to a non-degenerate strictly p-stable limiting law µ, with 1/p-regularly varying normalizing sequence b n). It is proved that similarly as in the(More)
A class of absolutely continuous distributions in R d is considered. Each distribution belongs to the domain of normal attraction of an AE-stable law. The limit law is characterized by a spectral measure which is absolutely continuous with respect to the spherical Lebesgue measure. The large-deviation problem for sums of independent and identically(More)
Within the framework of classical linear regression model optimal design criteria of stochastic nature are considered. The particular attention is paid to the shape criterion. Also its limit behaviour is established which generalizes that of the distance stochastic optimality criterion. Examples of the limit maximin criterion are considered and optimal(More)
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We obtain the probability distribution of the number of successes in a sequence of correlated binary trials as a function of marginal probabilities and correlation coefficients. It is based on Bahadur's representation of the joint probability distribution of correlated binary trials, truncated to second-order correlations. We provide new results,(More)