Alexander Yu Petrov

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We compute the leading low-energy term in the planar part of the 2-loop contribution to the effective action of N = 4 4-dimensional SYM theory, assuming that the gauge group SU (N + 1) is broken to SU (N) × U (1) by a constant scalar background X. While the leading 1-loop correction is the familiar c 1 F 4 /|X| 4 term, the 2-loop expression starts with c 2(More)
We report on a band edge absorber/emitter design for high-temperature applications based on an unstructured tungsten substrate and a monolayer of ceramic microspheres. The absorber was fabricated as a monolayer of ZrO(2) microparticles on a tungsten layer with a HfO(2) nanocoating. The band edge of the absorption is based on critically coupled microsphere(More)
Using the covariant N = 2 harmonic supergraph techniques we calculate the one-loop low-energy effective action of N = 4 super-Yang-Mills theory in Coulomb branch with gauge group SU (2) spontaneously broken down to U (1). The full dependence of the low-energy effective action on both the hypermultiplet and gauge fields is determined. The direct quantum(More)
We propose a circulator consisting of a ring resonator coupled to three waveguides with Bragg reflectors at one end of each waveguide. A magneto-optically active material placed inside the ring resonator causes the two counter-propagating modes to split in resonance frequency, which can be exploited for perfect circulation by properly adjusting the coupling(More)
We study the decoupling effects in N = 1 (global) supersymmetric theories with chiral superfields at the one-loop level. Examples of gauge neutral chiral superfields with minimal (renormalizable) as well as non-minimal (non-renormalizable) couplings are considered, and decoupling in gauge theories with U (1) gauge superfields that couple to heavy chiral(More)
A facile deposition method of 3D photonic crystals made of yttrium-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) was developed. YSZ nanoparticles with primary particle size below 10 nm and cubic crystalline phase were synthesized by hydrothermal treatment of solutions of zirconyl nitrate, yttrium nitrate and acetylacetone. Before coassembly with polystyrene (PS) microspheres,(More)
We demonstrate indirect photonic transitions in a silicon slow light photonic crystal waveguide. The transitions are driven by an optically generated refractive index front that moves along the waveguide and interacts with a signal pulse copropagating in the structure. We experimentally confirm a theoretical model which indicates that the ratio of the(More)
We study the decoupling effects in one-loop corrected N = 1 supersymmetric theory with gauge neutral chiral superfields, by calculating the one-loop corrected effective Lagrangian that involves light and heavy fields with the mass scale M , and subsequently eliminating heavy fields by their equations of motion. In addition to new non-renormalizable(More)