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In this article, we discuss mechanisms responsible for the effects of heat treatment on increasing subsequent survival in the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans. We assume that the balance between damage associated with exposure to thermal stress and the level of heat shock proteins produced plays a key role in forming the age-pattern of mortality and(More)
A correlated frailty model is suggested for analysis of bivariate time-to-event data. The model is an extension of the correlated power variance function (PVF) frailty model (correlated three-parameter frailty model) (J. Epidemiol. Biostat. 1999; 4:53-60). It is based on a bivariate extension of the compound Poisson frailty model in univariate survival(More)
The effect of high-frequency low-intensity radiation on reproductive function was studied on C57Bl/6 and randombred mice. We revealed a progressive decrease in the number of offspring, prevalence of males over females in all generations, and the appearance of stillbirths. The decrease in the number of offspring was probably related to increased number of(More)
This review summarizes published information concerning the determination of antioxidant activity (AA) in coffee samples by various methods (ORAC, FRAP, TRAP, TEAC, etc.) in vitro and limited data of antiradical activity of coffee products in vitro and in vivo. Comparison is carried out of the AA of coffee Arabica and coffee Robusta roasted at different(More)
We studied the effect of 37-GHz electromagnetic field on proteolytic activity of pepsin in Wistar rats. The plane of polarization of the electromagnetic fields rotated in either right-handed or left-handed sense (D- and L-chirality). D-Polarization stimulated, while L-polarization suppressed pepsin production.
Inbred albino mice and C57Bl/6 mice were exposed to nonthermal radiation of 37 GHz frequency in order to detect delayed effects caused by repeated irradiation. The detected pathomorphological changes and the dynamics of their formation suggest that these factors are responsible for delayed formation of immunodeficiency provoking mutagenic and carcinogenic(More)
In experiments on Wistar rats we studied the effect of low-frequency electromagnetic field rotating in either right-handed or a left-handed sense on proteolytic activity of pepsin. The right-handed rotating field increased, while left-handed rotating field decreased pepsin activity. Possible mechanisms of these changes in pepsin activity are discussed.
Experimental study of changes in the reproductive function in 10 generations descending from C57Bl/6 and random-bred mice exposed to nonionizing radiation showed a trend to deviation of this function from the normal: the number of newborns in the litter of generations 3–5 was below the normal, which starting from generations 5–6 it gradually increased,(More)