Alexander Yashin

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In this article, we discuss mechanisms responsible for the effects of heat treatment on increasing subsequent survival in the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans. We assume that the balance between damage associated with exposure to thermal stress and the level of heat shock proteins produced plays a key role in forming the age-pattern of mortality and(More)
This review summarizes published information concerning the determination of antioxidant activity (AA) in coffee samples by various methods (ORAC, FRAP, TRAP, TEAC, etc.) in vitro and limited data of antiradical activity of coffee products in vitro and in vivo. Comparison is carried out of the AA of coffee Arabica and coffee Robusta roasted at different(More)
Backgro und: The relative contribution of different aging-associated processes to the age phenotype may differ among individuals, creating variability in aging manifestations among age-peers. Capturing this variability can significantly advance understanding the aging and mortality. An index of age-associated health disorders (deficits), called a " frailty(More)
To better understand mortality change with age capturing the variability in individuals' rates of aging, we performed comprehensive analysis of statistical properties of a cumulative index of age-associated disorders (deficits), called a " frailty index " (FI). This index is calculated as the proportion of the health deficits in an individual. It is found,(More)
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