Alexander Yablonskii

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We formulate a scattering-matrix-based numerical method to calculate the optical transmission properties and quasiguided eigenmodes in a two-dimensionally periodic photonic crystal slab ~PCS! of finite thickness. The square symmetry ~point group C4v) is taken for the illustration of the method, but it is quite general and works for any point group symmetry(More)
The exciton transition and binding energies have been investigated in near-surface InGaAs/GaAs quantum wells theoretically and experimentally ~by photoluminescence and photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy at 4.2 K!. The contribution induced by vacuum has been analyzed for the ground and excited exciton states in perpendicular magnetic fields up to 14(More)
Using voltage-sensitive dye optical imaging methods, we visualized neural activity in the rat barrel cortex in response to the deflection of a single whisker in different directions. Obtained data indicates that fast movements of single whiskers in varying directions correlate with different patterns of activation in the somatosensory cortex. A functional(More)
We theoretically study the ground and many of the excited optically active s states of spatially direct ~intrawell! and indirect ~interwell! quasi-two-dimensional excitons in In xGa12xAs/GaAs coupled double quantum wells ~DQW’s! in quantizing magnetic fields B.2 T. The evolution of the eigenstates and oscillator strengths with the perpendicular magnetic B(More)
We consider s→p interexciton far-infrared ~FIR! magnetooptical transitions in coupled double quantum wells ~DQWs!. Spatially direct ~intrawell! and indirect ~interwell! excitons in strained InxGa12xAs/GaAs symmetric DQWs with a simple valence band are considered. The evolution of the transition energies and oscillator strengths as functions of the(More)
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