Alexander Y. Yap

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In the age of virtual organizations, managers and experts cease to be lone custodians of the corporate knowledge base. Knowledge must be shared across cultural and time-space boundaries to create strategic frontiers in global and virtual enterprises. However, we believe that organizations have barely scratched the surface of the " knowledge sharing game "(More)
This research paper investigates the elements that encouraged people to visit and actively participate in a virtual community, and eventually leading its guests to purchase from its E-Commerce store. In essence, the E-Commerce store acted as a critical symbiont to the economic survival of the virtual community. In order to establish its uniqueness, the(More)
AbstrAct This chapter focuses on the theme of e-service innovation in financial electronic markets. The discussion will cover the theories of " technology bundling " and how bundling creates value-added in servicing electronic markets. More specifically, this chapter looks at innovations created through e-service bundling for online brokers connected to(More)
OBJECTIVE Patients of small physical stature may be more likely selected for an on-pump coronary artery surgery (ONCAB) rather than an off-pump procedure (OPCAB). Small patients who do have OPCAB may do poorly. Our hospital demographics afford a unique opportunity to examine a group of small patients. METHODS Information was available over the past 4(More)