Alexander Y. Yap

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In the age of virtual organizations, managers and experts cease to be lone custodians of the corporate knowledge base. Knowledge must be shared across cultural and time-space boundaries to create strategic frontiers in global and virtual enterprises. However, we believe that organizations have barely scratched the surface of the “knowledge sharing game”(More)
This research paper investigates the elements that encouraged people to visit and actively participate in a virtual community, and eventually leading its guests to purchase from its E-Commerce store. In essence, the E-Commerce store acted as a critical symbiont to the economic survival of the virtual community. In order to establish its uniqueness, the(More)
1. The effects of caffeine ingestion and cigarette smoking on caffeine and antipyrine pharmacokinetics were studied using normal subjects as their own controls before and after cessation of smoking in an attempt to minimize genetic and other environmental influences. 2. Moderate caffeine ingestion had no inducing effect on caffeine or antipyrine clearance.(More)
Preclinical and preliminary clinical data suggested a potentiation of the cytotoxic activity of cisplatin (CDDP) by interferon-alpha (IFN-alpha) in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). This open, non-randomised, phase II study was set up to determine the response rate, duration of response, survival, safety and tolerability following treatment with the(More)
When a large conglomerate initiated the planning and development of an enterprise-wide electronic database system to form part of its growing e-business systems infrastructure, the resulting action called for the reengineering of information processes coupled with the push towards data content standardization across the entire organization. The objective of(More)