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Generalized no-broadcasting theorem.
We prove a generalized version of the no-broadcasting theorem, applicable to essentially any nonclassical finite-dimensional probabilistic model satisfying a no-signaling criterion, including onesExpand
Entropy and information causality in general probabilistic theories
We investigate the concept of entropy in probabilistic theories more general than quantum mechanics, with particular reference to the notion of information causality (IC) recently proposed byExpand
Teleportation in General Probabilistic Theories
In a previous paper, we showed that many important quantum information-theoretic phenomena, including the no-cloning and no-broadcasting theorems, are in fact generic in all non-classicalExpand
Perspectivity and congruence in partial abelian semigroups
To any subset M of a partial abelian semigroup L, we associate a relation of perspectivity ~M, where a ~ M b if and only if there exists some element c G L such that a® c and c® b both exist andExpand
Information Processing in Convex Operational Theories
The progress to date in this second programme to abstract the essential categorical features of classical and quantum mechanics that support various information-theoretic constraints and possibilities is reviewed, and some suggestions are offered as to how to link it with the categorical semantics for quantum processes offered by Abramsky and Coecke. Expand
Compact Orthoalgebras
We initiate a study of topological orthoalgebras (TOAs), concentrating on the compact case. Examples of TOAs include topological orthomodular lattices, and also the projection lattice of a HilbertExpand
Degenerate fibres in the Stone-Cech compactification of the universal bundle of a finite group
Applied to a continuous surjection π: E → B of completely regular Hausdorff spaces E and B, the Stone-Cech compactification functor β yields a surjection βπ: βE → βB. For an n-fold covering map π, weExpand
Cloning and Broadcasting in Generic Probabilistic Theories
We prove generic versions of the no-cloning and no-broadcasting theorems, applicable to essentially {\em any} non-classical finite-dimensional probabilistic model that satisfies a no-signalingExpand
Ensemble Steering, Weak Self-Duality, and the Structure of Probabilistic Theories
In any probabilistic theory, we say that a bipartite state ω on a composite system ABsteers its marginal state ωB if, for any decomposition of ωB as a mixture ωB=∑ipiβi of states βi on B, thereExpand