Alexander Weinert

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The winning condition of a parity game with costs requires an arbitrary, but fixed bound on the distance between occurrences of odd colors and the next occurrence of a larger even one. Such games quantitatively extend parity games while retaining most of their attractive properties, i.e, determining the winner is in NP and co-NP and one player has(More)
We consider the optimization variant of the realizability problem for Prompt Linear Temporal Logic, an extension of Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) by the prompt eventually operator whose scope is bounded by some parameter. In the realizability optimization problem, one is interested in computing the minimal such bound that allows to realize a given(More)
We introduce Visibly Linear Dynamic Logic (VLDL), which extends Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) by temporal operators that are guarded by visibly pushdown languages over finite words. In VLDL one can, e.g., express that a function resets a variable to its original value after its execution, even in the presence of an unbounded number of intermediate recursive(More)
Herniated lumbar nucleus pulposus is rare in the pediatric age-group; for surgically proven cases, the estimated prevalence is between 0.8 and 3.2%. Most of the current literature indicates that herniated nucleus pulposus in pediatric patients differs from that in adult patients in epidemiologic characteristics, clinical manifestations, and frequency of(More)
Long-term culture of placentas obtained from the mating of a congenic C3H male mouse carrying a unique electrophoretic variant of the X-chromosome-linked enzyme phosphoglycerate kinase (PGK-1) and a normal C3H female mouse has resulted in cell lines that have apparently undergone spontaneous malignant transformation in vitro. When injected into normal(More)
Automata Tutor is an online tool that helps students learn basic concepts in theory of computation, such as finite automata and regular expressions. The tool provides personalized feedback when students submit incorrect solutions, and also helps teachers managing large classes by automatically grading homework assignments. Automata Tutor has already been(More)
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