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A framework for efficient large scale equation-oriented flowsheet optimization
We present a framework for efficient large scale flowsheet optimization that combines advanced process optimization formulations with state-of-the-art algorithms to improve feasibility and identify high quality local solutions. Expand
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A multi-scale optimization framework for electricity market participation
Power grids coordinate a diverse set of energy systems (generators, loads, storage devices) to ensure that supply and demands are matched at multiple timescales (from hours to milliseconds). SuchExpand
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Optimization of sub-ambient separation systems with embedded cubic equation of state thermodynamic models and complementarity constraints
We use exact derivatives and large-scale nonlinear programming algorithms to solve large flowsheet design problems with many degrees of freedom, including the simultaneous design of air separation units (ASUs) and their accompanying multistream heat exchangers. Expand
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An Equation-based Framework for Large-Scale Flowsheet Optimization and Applications for Oxycombustion Power System Design
Over the past thirty years, flowsheet optimization methods have evolved from “black box” approaches to sophisticated equation-oriented methods for simultaneous flowsheet convergence and optimization. Expand
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A framework for multi-stakeholder decision-making and conflict resolution
We propose a decision-making framework to compute compromise solutions that balance conflicting priorities of multiple stakeholders on multiple objectives in a multiobjective optimization setting. Expand
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Rigorous Optimization-based Synthesis of Distillation Cascades without Integer Variables
Abstract In this paper we present a novel alternate model for distillation cascades without integer variables. This allows for optimization of highly nonlinear process flowsheets with embeddedExpand
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Economic opportunities for industrial systems from frequency regulation markets
We use classical frequency domain analysis techniques to characterize the harmonic content of FR signals and to analyze the impact of such harmonics on the response of dynamical systems. Expand
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Integrated Multiscale Design, Market Participation, and Replacement Strategies for Battery Energy Storage Systems
This work develops a computational framework to optimize sizing, replacement, and market participation strategies for battery energy storage systems. Expand
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Large‐scale optimization strategies for pressure swing adsorption cycle synthesis
Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is an efficient method for gas separation and is a potential candidate for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture from power plants. However, few PSA cycles have been designedExpand
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Economic assessment of concentrated solar power technologies: A review
This paper surveys economic assessments of concentrated solar power (CSP) technologies and finds two dominant assessment methods. A majority of studies reported in the literature are based on theExpand
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