Alexander W. Skaburskis

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We present EyePliances: appliances and devices that detect and respond to human visual attention using eye contact sensors. EyePliances receive implicit input from users, in the form of eye gaze, and respond by opening communication channels. By allowing devices to recognize the attentional cues people already provide, requests for explicit input from users(More)
We present ECSGlasses: wearable eye contact sensing glasses that detect human eye contact. ECSGlasses report eye contact to digital devices, appliances and EyePliances in the user's <i>attention space</i>. Devices use this attentional cue to engage in a more sociable process of turn taking with users. This has the potential to reduce inappropriate(More)
We present AuraMirror, a system that visualizes virtual windows of attention: the commodity of visual attention people exchange during interactions in small groups. AuraMirror acts as a dynamic 'painting' that passively gathers and displays attentional data by superimposing auras over each viewer's head in a real time video mirror. This permits users to see(More)
The Sandbox is a flexible and expressive thinking environment that supports both ad-hoc and more formal analytical tasks. It is the evidence marshalling and sense-making component for the analytical software environment called nSpace. This paper presents innovative Sandbox human information interaction capabilities and the rationale underlying them(More)
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