Alexander W. Richter

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Antibodies to polyethylene glycol (PEG) were raised in rabbits by immunization with monomethoxy polyethylene glycol modified ovalbumin (OA), bovine superoxide dismutase (SOD), and ragweed pollen extract (Rag), given in Freund's complete adjuvant (FCA). Immunogenicity depended on the nature of the protein and the degree of modification. With modified OA, in(More)
This article presents global solutions to standard New Keynesian models to show how economic dynamics change when the nominal interest rate is constrained at its zero lower bound (ZLB). We focus on the canonical New Keynesian model without capital, but we also study the model with capital, with and without investment adjustment costs. Our solution method(More)
Dextran, a common plasma substitute, sometimes induces life-threatening hypersensitivity reactions. In this article Wolfgang Richter and Harriet Hedin discuss recent evidence that these Type III anaphylactic reactions, caused by natural antibodies, can be abolished by pretreatment o f patients with monovalent hapten dextran.
Antibodies to polyethylene glycol (PEG) were analyzed in patients with various allergies and in healthy blood donors employing passive hemagglutination. In untreated allergic patients and in healthy blood donors, naturally occurring anti-PEG antibody titers between 32 and 512 were seen in 3.3 and 0.2%, respectively. During hyposensitization with monomethoxy(More)
When monetary policy faces a zero lower bound (ZLB) constraint on the nominal interest rate, a minimum state variable (MSV) solution may not exist even if the Taylor principle holds when the ZLB does not bind. This paper shows there is a clear tradeoff between the expected frequency and average duration of ZLB events along the boundary of the convergence(More)
Econometric evidence shows that when higher income inequality and financial liberalization are added to a set of conventional explanatory variables, they predict significantly larger current account deficits in a cross-section of advanced economies. To study this mechanism, we develop a DSGE model where investors’ income share increases at the expense of(More)
The chronic toxicities of two samples of low molecular dextran sulphate from different sources were studied in rabbits. Both samples caused retardation in weight gain, cachexia and general osteoporosis with spontaneous fractures and epiphyseolyses. Heparin-treated controls were used to exclude the possibility that the toxic effects could be connected with(More)
We generalize the linear rational expectations solution method of Whiteman (1983) to the multivariate case. This facilitates the use of a generic exogenous driving process that must only satisfy covariance stationarity. Multivariate cross-equation restrictions linking the Wold representation of the exogenous process to the endogenous variables of the(More)
The U.S. federal government faces the prospect of exponentially rising entitlement obligations that threaten to push the debt-to-GDP ratio to historically unprecedented levels. I introduce a fiscal limit into a Perpetual Youth model to assess how intergenerational redistributions of wealth and the maturity structure of government debt impact the economic(More)