Alexander W. Röhm

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Existing electronic markets in the open network Internet often show a lack of security and fairness. New forms of trading are just coming up and the variety of different market structures and digital goods we will probably see in the future is yet unthinkable. Therefore, an infrastructure for future electronic markets has to support the realization of(More)
Among other areas electronic commerce includes the fields of electronic markets and workflow management. Workflow management systems are usually used to specify and manage inter-and intra-organisational business processes. Although workflow management techniques are capable to specify and conduct at least parts of market transactions, these techniques are(More)
Electronic Markets as new mechanisms for coordinating allocation of goods, are supposed to reduce the trading immanent transaction costs, especially when the traded goods are digitally represented. A market with no transaction costs is theoretically the most efficient possible allocation mechanism. The US government has recently passed the Acid Rain Act,(More)
Security and fairness in business transactions are basic requirements demanded by any participant in electronic markets. In this paper we propose COPS as an infrastructure for building adaptable electronic markets with main focus on security and fairness and MOSS as a methodology for analysing and modelling the security semantics of business transactions.(More)
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