Alexander Vitalievich Bozhenyuk

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In this paper the questions of definition optimum allocation of the service centres of some territory are observed. It is supposed that territory is described by fuzzy graph. In this case a task of definition optimum allocation of the service centres may be transformed into the task of definition of fuzzy antibases of fuzzy graph. The method of definition(More)
Present paper deals with the problem of the minimum cost flow finding in fuzzy dynamic network with nonzero lower flow bounds. The necessity of the fuzzy logic tools application is explained. The method and basic rules of the minimum cost determining in fuzzy conditions are considered. Numerical example and practical implementation of the presented method(More)
A model for controlling hand prosthesis is developed in this paper. The hand movements are described by angles of finger and wrist flexion. The problem is set as determination of all angles using electromyography of forearm muscles. The decision-making model with basic fuzzy rule modus ponens is used to solve the problem. Input data is analyzed and(More)
j k j i k i sj kt x s x t i ij ki i x x x x i ij ij i j x s x t x s t q x x A − ∈Γ ∈Γ ∈Γ ∈Γ i j j i k i ij ij x x A i ij ki i x x x x i ij ij i j c x s x t x s t q x x A − ∈ ∈Γ ∈Γ Abstract: This article considers the problems of maximum flow and minimum cost flow determining in fuzzy network. Parameters of fuzzy networks are fuzzy arc capacities in the case(More)
In this paper the problem of optimal location of service centers is considered by minimax criterion. It is supposed that the information received from GIS is presented like second kind fuzzy graphs. Method of finding of optimal location k-centers is suggested. Basis of this method is building procedure of reachability matrix of second kind fuzzy graph in(More)
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