Alexander Velytsky

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We investigate the construction of improved actions by the Monte Carlo renormalization group method in the context of SU(2) gauge theory utilizing different decimation procedures and effective actions. We demonstrate that the basic self-consistency requirement for correct application of the Monte Carlo renormalization group, i.e., that the decimated(More)
We consider the entanglement entropy for a sub-system in d + 1 dimensional SU(N) lattice gauge theory. The 1 + 1 gauge theory is treated exactly and shows trivial behavior. Gauge theories in higher dimensions are treated within Migdal-Kadanoff approximation. We consider the gauge theory in the confinement phase. We demonstrate the existence of a(More)
The entanglement entropy of SU(N) lattice gauge theory is studied exactly in 1 + 1 space-time dimensions and in Migdal-Kadanoff approximation in higher dimensional space. The existence of a non-analytical behavior reminiscent of a phase transition for a characteristic size of the entangled region is demonstrated for higher dimensional theories.
We report on numerical studies of RG decimations in SU(2) gauge theory. We study in particular a class of plaquette actions involving sums of group representations. We measure a number of observables representative of different length scales in order to investigate the transformation of the system under different choices of spin blocking, and examine the(More)
In SU(3) simulations with the model A (Glauber) dynamics we find unambiguous signal for the transition when the (driving) temperature Tf is larger than Tc. A dynamical growth of Polyakov loop structure factors, reaching maxima which scale approximately with the volume of the system, precedes equilibration. We study their influence on various observables,(More)