Alexander Vasilyev

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A classifier system is a self-learning system based on syntactically simple rules. It was first introduced by Holland [1]. Lots of rules can be activated at the same time, which is why information is being processed in parallel. 1.1. Simple classifier system According to Holland [1], a non-learning classifier system consists of four principal components: 1.(More)
Нейронные BLOCKINсети; BLOCKINприближенные BLOCKINрешения; BLOCKINдифференциальные BLOCKINуравнения. ABSTRACT Original approaches to building multi-layered approximate solutions of differential equations are discussed. These approaches are based on classical approximate methods. In contrast to classical BLOCKINapproaches, BLOCKINwe BLOCKINobtain BLOCKINas(More)
BLOCKINмодель. ABSTRACT We BLOCKINconsider BLOCKINsome BLOCKINoriginal BLOCKINapproaches BLOCKINto BLOCKINthe BLOCKINconstruction BLOCKINof BLOCKINmulti-layer BLOCKINneural BLOCKINnetwork BLOCKINmodels describing nonlinear deformation processes of elastic samples on the basis of heterogeneous experimental BLOCKINdata BLOCKINcontaining BLOCKINapproximately(More)
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