Alexander V. Zhukov

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Infection of etiolated wheat seedlings with a root rot fungus Bipolaris sorokiniana caused a strong deviation in the fatty acid composition of their total lipids from the control. The deviation occurred at the expense of that lipid group, which predominates in a given plant organ (shoots or roots), and peak deviation coincided with the onset of a severe(More)
In this paper we study the electron energy spectrum corresponding to Landau levels in doped graphene when an external magnetic field is applied in the direction normal to the graphene planar sheet. The derived dispersion relation for the electrons in the doped graphene allows us to determine the dependence of the electrical conductivity on the applied(More)
We propose a mathematical treatment of the activated processes governed by stochastic Langevin dynamics with a colored random force, corresponding to a noise generated by an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process. Such non-Markovian dynamics take place in a variety of chemical and biological systems. Using the path integral approach, we constructed the conditional(More)
We predict the existence of internal Josephson currents in a single macroscopic quantum system, namely in bulk trapped dilute-gas at sufficiently low temperatures, when a Bose-Einstein condensation occurs. The spatial profiles of the wavefunctions of low-lying states in such a system are rather different due to the inhomogeneity, caused by an external(More)
Experimental conditions for preparing the thin-layer chromatographic plates with a permanent adsorbent layer (PAL) have been established; the particles of this layer are firmly bound to each other and to the glass support by means of fused glass powder. To prepare the PAL plates, a mixture of Woelm silica gel and glass powder (1:3, w/w) of particle size(More)