Alexander V. Yakubovich

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Radiation damage following the ionising radiation of tissue has different scenarios and mechanisms depending on the projectiles or radiation modality. We investigate the radiation damage effects due to shock waves produced by ions. We analyse the strength of the shock wave capable of directly producing DNA strand breaks and, depending on the ion's linear(More)
We present a multipurpose computer code MesoBioNano Explorer (MBN Explorer). The package allows to model molecular systems of varied level of complexity. In particular, MBN Explorer is suited to compute system's energy, to optimize molecular structure as well as to consider the molecular and random walk dynamics. MBN Explorer allows to use a broad variety(More)
We present a formalism which turns out to be very successful in the description of the polypep-tide folding. We consider this process as a first-order phase transition and develop a theory which is free of model parameters and is based solely on fundamental physical principles. It describes essential ther-modynamical properties of the system such as heat(More)
We present the latest advances of the multiscale approach to radiation damage caused by irradiation of a tissue with energetic ions and report the most recent advances in the calculations of complex DNA damage and the effects of thermal spikes on biomolecules. The multiscale approach aims to quantify the most important physical, chemical, and biological(More)
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