Alexander V. Voitovich

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Oleg V. Palashov, Dmitry S. Zheleznov,* Alexander V. Voitovich, Victor V. Zelenogorsky, Eugene E. Kamenetsky, Efim A. Khazanov, Rodica M. Martin, Katherine L. Dooley, Luke Williams, Antonio Lucianetti, Volker Quetschke, Guido Mueller, David H. Reitze, David B. Tanner, Eric Genin, Benjamin Canuel, and Julien Marque Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian(More)
Unique Faraday isolator based on a TGG single crystal with aperture diameter of 40 mm for high average power lasers has been fabricated and investigated experimentally. The device provides a stable isolation ratio over 30 dB for large-radius laser beams with kilowatt average power radiation typical for high-power applications.
The results of using antihypoxants Mafusol and Mildronate in the course of emergency endoprosthesis of the hip joint were analyzed in 41 patients at the age of (80.5 +/- 5.6) years with fractures of the proximal part of the femoral bone. The authors noted optimization of the organism oxygen budget under the influence of the drugs, its physiological(More)
Thermo-optical characteristics of a new magneto-active material, Na(0.37)Tb(0.63)F(2.26) crystal, were investigated in this Letter. This crystal has a high value of magneto-optical figure-of-merit and negative optical anisotropy parameter that makes it a promising material for development of Faraday isolators for high-power lasers; in particular it gives(More)
On the basis of a detailed analysis of near and late results the authors come to the conclusion that the treatment of patients with femur neck fractures can be successfully performed under conditions of a regional traumatological department. The compressing screw constructions can be widely used in clinical practice for the surgical treatment of patients(More)
The influence of paramagnetic magnetization of magneto-optical elements on the characteristics of Faraday isolators is studied. The theoretical estimates confirmed by the experiment indicate that this effect should be taken into consideration, particularly when designing large-aperture and cryogenic Faraday isolators.