Alexander V Starokha

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The purpose of the investigation was to study the efficacy of closing the bone defect in facial walls of the frontal and maxillary sinuses, formed as a result of their purulent inflammation, by porous permeable titanium nickelide. Analysis of the experimental data (18 dogs) and clinical observations (20 patients in whom the anatomic structure and function(More)
The authors suggest a probe electrode by means of which the ECG may be recorded in the bronchial leads simultaneously from four levels of the atrioventricular zone. The P wave of bronchial ECG's was analysed in 24 patients who had no pathological changes in the respiratory organs and cardiovascular system in comparison with similar indices of routine ECG's.(More)
Basing on the results of ultrasound dopplerography of the vertebral arteries of 337 patients with neurosensory hypoacusis (NSH), we identified 104 (30.9%) patients having vertebrobasilar hemodynamic disorders. We performed endaural phonoelectrophoresis of cavinton in modification, with application of the second electrode with vasoactive drugs on the region(More)
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