Alexander V. Rodionov

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Giant lampbrush chromosomes, which are characteristic of the diplotene stage of prophase I during avian oogenesis, represent a very promising system for precise physical gene mapping. We applied 35 chicken BAC and 4 PAC clones to both mitotic metaphase chromosomes and meiotic lampbrush chromosomes of chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) and Japanese quail(More)
The major M(r) 100 kD protein (protein I) from the standard virulent R. prowazekii strain Breinl, from the nonvirulent strain E and its virulent revertant EVir were isolated by chromatography and characterized. Purified protein I from the three strains of different virulence and origin had the same physico-chemical and antigenic properties, protected guinea(More)
Programmes for automatic analysis of protein and peptide hydrolysates and physiological fluids in a single system of sodium citrate buffers are proposed. Retention time values of 59 ninhydrin-positive substances, including nonprotein amino acids, amino sugars (muramic acid, glucosamine, galactosamine, mannosamine and fucosamine) and corresponding(More)
Changes in the functional activity of the synthesis apparatus of rat blood lymphocytes under different scheme in application of bioadditive Soma after acute X-irradiation by fluorescent microspectrometry. Some metabolic indices in animals were investigated too. It has been shown the bioadditive Soma using in norm reliably increased the synthetic activity on(More)
The dynamic study of the microecological state of the intestine in 41 newborns up to the age of 3 months has been made by biochemical and bacteriological investigation methods. The results of the biochemical rapid analysis have been found to be in complete agreement with those of the bacteriological analysis and, besides, to provide essential additional(More)
An unusual ninhydrin-positive compound has been isolated from feces of accidentally contaminated Sprague-Dawley autbred rats and identified by mass spectrometry and 1H-NMR spectroscopy techniques as 5-aminovaleric acid. The described procedure of isolation, purification and structure determination can be recommended as a general method of identification of(More)
The protective properties of Legionella antigenic preparations were studied on guinea pigs with experimental Legionella infection. Preliminary immunization of guinea pigs with serotypic antigen, cytolysin, as well as live or formalin-treated Legionella cells, did not protect the animals from the subsequent aerogenic infection with 10(5) colony-forming units(More)
To study the role of telomere (TTAGGG)(n) sequences in promoting of crossing over in chicken female meiosis, we have localized telomere repeats by FISH and studied the distribution of chiasmata in the giant diplotene bivalents, the chicken lampbrush macrochromosomes 1--3. We show that all interstitial clusters of the (TTAGGG)(n) repeat in these chromosomes(More)
The immunogenic properties and protective activity of basic protein I and tris-soluble antigens isolated from R. prowazekii were analyzed in comparison with those of chemical typhus vaccine on the model of anti-infectious immunity in guinea pigs. The analysis revealed that purified protein I has protective activity for guinea pigs, which is less pronounced(More)
Common species-specific protein is isolated for the first time in the chromatographically pure state from the outer membrane of Rickettsia prowazekii, and its amino acid composition is determined. As revealed by chromatofocusing technique, the protein possesses pI 4.18 +/- 0.03. Three basic ninhydrin-positive compounds, differing from usual amino acids,(More)