Alexander V. Nebylov

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New results of application of the sensor system optimization method developed by the authors had been achieved in the solving of the dual problem of optimal choice and location of actuators in the control system of aeroelastic object. This method initially was proposed to optimize the sensor choice and position of measuring system appropriate for the(More)
The optimal control and parameters estimation of flexible vehicle motion and elastic displacements consist usually in solving the stabilization and trajectory tracking problems with many restrictions on dynamic properties. Sensors position defines influence of elastic oscillations on measured parameters of vehicle motion as solid body. The effective(More)
Possible approaches to the mathematical description of different types of flexible flying vehicles (FFV), and also the principles of software development for control system synthesis, dynamic properties research and FFV motion simulation are observed. The peculiarities of the program package specially created for such purposes are described. It includes the(More)
The statement of the main problems of equipment and software design for flight control at small altitude above the disturbed surface is given. The aim of investigation is to improve the operational performance of the vehicles of advanced design. The sets of primary sensors are integrated to increase the accuracy of measuring and control and to provide the(More)
Wing-in-Ground Effect vehicle (WIG-craft) or ekranoplane landing direction optimization criteria is suggested which heeds the irregular sea waves features and provides the minimal mechanical strain on the vehicle body at hydrodynamic braking. The problem of automatic choice of the landing trajectory direction regarding the main direction of sea waves spread(More)
Seaplanes and WIG-craft are supposed to take the significant part of the projected air traffic growth without constructing new airstrips. However, a trouble-free flight at low altitude over the disturbed sea surface and also marine landing require the application of the special methods and means of motion control which are capable to solve the corresponding(More)
The new intelligent algorithms for navigation on the surface of Mars planet, especially for astronaut, are proposed in this paper. The autonomous navigation system for astronaut is based on inertial measurement unit (redundant) and Laser (redundant), which permit to localize and navigate in known environment and unknown environment constructing its map in(More)