Alexander V. Lotov

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The European Water Framework Directive implements integrated river basin management in the European Union. Decisions about the programme of measures should be done with involvement of stakeholders. This paper presents a spatial decision support system, which is aimed at supporting such decision making procedures. The design of the system is based on a(More)
We describe techniques for visualizing the Pareto optimal set that can be used if the multiobjective optimization problem considered has more than two objective functions. The techniques discussed can be applied in the framework of both MCDM and EMO approaches. First, lessons learned from methods developed for biobjective problems are considered. Then,(More)
This paper is devoted to a Pareto frontier generation technique, which is aimed at subsequent visualization of the Pareto frontier in an interaction with the user. This technique known as the Interactive Decision Maps technique was initiated about 30 years ago. Now it is applied for decision support in both convex and non-convex decision problems in various(More)
The paper is devoted to a visualization-based method for exploration of relational databases that contain large volumes of uncertain data. The visualization is aimed at exploration of properties of the data and selecting a small number of interesting items from the database. The method introduced here is a new development of the Reasonable Goals method,(More)
This paper is devoted to a laboratory study of human behavior in a multi-criteria choice problem. The specific feature of the experimental study is the creation of an individually adjusted instance of a general task for each subject in accordance with his/her preferences over each criterion. Human behavior is studied in a specially constructed choice(More)
A real-life application of a new approach to integrated assessment and screening of water quality improvement strategies in large river basins is presented. The approach is based on the integration of diverse data and mathematical models as well as on the application of interactive visualization of the Pareto frontier. The case study water quality planning(More)