Alexander V Kiselev

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Antibodies to gag-coded proteins of type D retroviruses have been detected in children with lymphadenopathy [1]. We tested 41 HIV noninfected children with lymphoproliferative diseases (27 cases of Burkitt's-type lymphoma, six cases of Hodgkin's disease, four cases of T-cell lymphoma, three cases of lymphoblastic lymphoma and one case of large-cell(More)
Type D retroviruses cause immunodeficiency in monkey. Earlier we have revealed genetical and serological markers of type D retroviruses in children with Burkitt-type lymphoma. Using PCR/Southern blotting assay we have found sequences related to MPMV in PBMC's DNA from children with Burkitt-type lymphoma and from their parents. Moreover, the data on(More)
A concept of physicochemical forms of biologically active substances introduced in investigation of the action mechanism of ultra-low doses allows qualitative explanation of the main effects of ultra-low doses, chemical diversity of biologically active substances, and physical boundaries for these effects. Phenazepam was shown to possess activity in(More)
The authors report results of a clinical and immunological study involving 38 patients with exacerbation of chronic suppurative otitis media. It has demonstrated high immunological and clinical efficiency of combined treatment with derinate (an agent stimulating local immunity) and high molecular-weight polypeptide polyoxidonium. It is concluded that(More)
Analysis was made of the results of the treatment of 18 children afflicted with lymphoblastic lymphosarcoma, with estimation of predictors influencing the patients' survival (from 1980 to 1986). The most important predictors influencing the 2-year relapse-free survival were found to be the stage, localization of the process, the presence of the symptoms of(More)
The separation of mixtures of cardiac glycosides by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography on silica gel with chemically grafted diphenylsilyl groups using water-ethanol as the eluent was carried out. It is shown that the configuration and conformation of the glycoside molecules, and the hydrophilic properties of their aglycones and glycones,(More)
The effect of temperature on the performance in a wide-angle paratellurite acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) is analyzed on the example of two different AOTF configurations. The present study is a by-product of the AOTF characterization for space-borne applications. The two AOTFs serve as dispersion elements in spectrometers for Moon and Mars space(More)
Thyroid lesions were histologically studied on surgical material obtained in 1992-1996 in 12 regions of Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus. Various forms of thyroid pathology were considered with reference to local ecological situation. An increase of thyroid carcinoma incidence and particularly that of papillary carcinoma was observed in regions(More)
To enhance the informative value of evaluation of the microbiological purity of raw medicinal plant material and its based preparations, the authors estimated the total number of bacteria by the modified method and determined whether Clostridium perfringens might be present in the samples. A higher level of pollution of plant preparations was noted than(More)