Alexander V Karpenko

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A series of novel ([1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-c]quinazolin-2-ylthio)carboxylic acids 2a-d and esters 3a-l were synthesized and evaluated for antimicrobial activity. Alkylation of potassium 2-thio-[1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-c]quinazoline 1 with halogenocarboxylic acids and its esters proceeded S-regioselectively. During acid catalyzed esterification of 2a-c, degradation(More)
We report in this work the synthesis, cytotoxicity, and antimicrobial activity of ([1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-c]quinazolin-2-ylthio)carboxylic acid amides 4-7 in connection with our previous research in the preparation of triazoloquinazoline derivatives. Due to simplicity, general availability of starting materials, and high yields, the most reliable method of(More)
Because of issues with accuracy and transferability of existing orbital-free (OF) density functionals, OF functional development remains an active research area. However, due to numerical difficulties, all-electron self-consistent assessment of OF functionals is limited. Using an all-electron radial OFDFT code, we evaluate the performance of a parametrized(More)
From 1993 till 1999 6 patients with aneurysmointestinal fistulas complicated by bleedings were operated. In 4 cases the aneurysmointestinal fistulas were primary, in 2 cases--secondary. Gastroduodenoscopy, ultrasonic examination of abdominal organs, retroperitoneal space and duplex scanning of main vessels were used. Correct diagnosis before operation was(More)
Oncological Dispensary of Leningrad Region, St.Petersburg Our paper deals with evaluation of the results of using distal pectoralis major myocutaneous flap (38) in 37 patients; bilateral dissection of tissue--1. Plastic reconstruction of surgical effects of the oral cavity and pharynx was performed in 27 (skin cancer--8, parotid salivary gland tumor--1).(More)
The results of 295 reconstructive operations on the major vessels of lower extremities were analyzed. The patients were divided into 4 groups depending on the scheme of anticoagulation therapy in the postoperative period. Under investigation was the state of hemostasis and hemorheology. The frequency of thrombohemorrhagic complications was assessed. It was(More)
  • A V Karpenko
  • 1992
The industrial means to control and forecast the current mental capacity of operators are absent nowadays in spite of its level connected with about 2/3 of accidents through the personnel's fault. Results of 10 year-experience show how the computerized self-educating adaptable systems of current individual mental capacity monitoring in power engineering(More)