Alexander V. Galimzyanov

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Mathematical and computational means are developed that take into consideration the specifics of control processes at the molecular level and allow one to obtain both qualitative and quantitative patterns of gene network dynamics. Using the method of generalized threshold models, models are constructed for the Arabidopsis thalianaflower morphogenesis(More)
Using the method of generalized threshold models, the problem is formulated and solved to evaluate the parametric stability of the model of a gene subnetwork controlling the early ontogenesis of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Computer experiments have been performed to test the parametric stability of the model. Quantitative evaluations have been(More)
97 Thirty years ago, a hypothesis has been put forward that there is a special class of inherited units, epigenes, in which a part of the hereditary information is stored, encoded, and transmitted to posterity outside of the primary structure of genomic DNA molecules [1]. In terms of a general mathematical model of the control system of ontogenesis, the(More)
The problem of evaluation of parametric stability of three models of pro- and eukaryotic gene networks controlling ontogenetic processes has been defined and solved. Experimental schemes of testing gene networks for parametric stability based on the method of generalized threshold models were developed and realized as a software application. We studied the(More)
Intracellular governing gene networks consisting of genes and regulatory bonds among them are considered as the first level in organizing the hereditary system. We give examples of both prokaryotic gene network that controls the development of the lambda-phage and eukaryotic gene network that controls the early Drosophila ontogenesis. Using the method of(More)
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