Alexander V. Diemand

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iMolTalk ( is a new and interactive web server for protein structure analysis. It addresses the need to identify and highlight biochemically important regions in protein structures. As input, the server requires only the four-digit Protein Data Bank (PDB) identifier, of an experimentally determined structure or a structure file in PDB(More)
BACKGROUND Two of the mostly unsolved but increasingly urgent problems for modern biologists are a) to quickly and easily analyse protein structures and b) to comprehensively mine the wealth of information, which is distributed along with the 3D co-ordinates by the Protein Data Bank (PDB). Tools which address this issue need to be highly flexible and(More)
AAA+ proteins form large, ring-shaped complexes, which act as energy-dependent unfoldases of macromolecules. Many crystal structures of proteins in this superfamily have been determined, but mostly in monomeric or non-physiological oligomeric forms. The assembly of ring-shaped complexes from monomer coordinates is, therefore, of considerable interest. We(More)
DeepView – Swiss-PdbViewer user guide. Since there was a strong demand for a printable version of a DeepView user guide, we decided to prepare this manuscript to complements the documentation and tutorial found on the web site. We are aware that this user guide is still incomplete in some chapters, there are references missing, etc. Please help us to make(More)
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