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Terrorist Speech on Social Media
The presence of terrorist speech on the Internet tests the limits of the First Amendment. Widely available cyber terrorist sermons, instructional videos, blogs, and interactive websites raise complexExpand
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Hate in Cyberspace: Regulating Hate Speech on the Internet
The Internet is a global network providing connections for many forms of speech. All the processes of message transmission occur in real space through a system of identifiable algorithms. TheExpand
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Destructive Messages: How Hate Speech Paves the Way For Harmful Social Movements
This is the first chapter of a book arguing that hate speech is dangerous not only when it poses an immediate threat of harm. It is also dangerous when it is systematically developed over time,Expand
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We Shall Overcome: A History of Civil Rights and the Law
Despite America's commitment to civil rights from the earliest days of nationhood, examples of injustices against minorities stain many pages of U.S. history. The battle for racial, ethnic, andExpand
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Hate speech, volition, and neurology
This is a peer review essay of Gail B. Murrow and Richard Murrow, A Hypothetical Neurological Association between Dehumanization and Human Rights Abuses, J. Law & BIOSCI. (2015).In our essay we agreeExpand
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Dignity and Speech: The Regulation of Hate Speech in a Democracy
The American tradition of free individual expression exists side-by-side with its Fourteenth Amendment commitment to equality. In the area of hate speech, the libertarian notion of free expressionExpand
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Contextualizing Bias Crimes: A Social and Theoretical Perspective
This essay surveys the underlying justification for bias crime laws from the perspectives of retributive and consequentialist theories.Retributivist theory justifies punishment in terms of itsExpand
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Marketplace of Ideas, Privacy, and the Digital Audience
The availability of almost limitless sets of digital information has opened a vast marketplace of ideas. Information service providers like Facebook and Twitter provide users with an array ofExpand
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Data Subjects' Privacy Rights: Regulation of Personal Data Retention and Erasure
The European Union's right to erasure came into effect May 25, 2018, as Article 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). Unlike the U.S. "marketplace of ideas" model of free speech, theExpand
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