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The spatial analysis of a target may be strongly degraded by the simultaneous presentation of nearby pattern elements. The present study investigated the shape and extent of the region of interaction as a function of retinal location. The stimuli consisted of 3 collinear [symbol: see text] s which were randomly oriented up ([symbol: see text]) or down(More)
Spatial interactions are extensive in the peripheral visual field, extending up to about half the retinal eccentricity of the target (Toet and Levi, Vision Res. 32, 1349-1357, 1992). In the present study it is shown that the degree and extent of peripheral spatial interaction depends in large measure on the similarity between test and flanking stimuli. The(More)
This paper introduces a hierarchical image merging scheme based on a multiresolution contrast decomposition (the ratio of low-pass pyramid). The composite images produced by this scheme preserve those details from the input images that are most relevant to visual perception. Some applications of the method are indicated.
We present data on the human sensitivity to optic acceleration, i.e. temporal modulations of the speed and direction of moving objects. Modulation thresholds are measured as a function of modulation frequency and speed for different periodical velocity vector modulation functions using a localized target. Evidence is presented that human detection of(More)
A hierarchical image fusion scheme is presented that preserves those details from the input images that are most relevant to visual perception. Results show that fused images present a more detailed representation of the scene and provide information that cannot be obtained by viewing the input images separately. Detection, recognition, and search tasks may(More)
J. M. Valeton I nstitute for Perception TNO Kampweg 5 3769 DE Soesterberg, The Netherlands Abstract. Integration of images from different sensing modalities can produce information that cannot be obtained by viewing the sensor outputs separately and consecutively. This paper introduces a hierarchical i mage merging scheme based on a multiresolution contrast(More)
  • Alexander Toet
  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine…
  • 2011
The predictions of 13 computational bottom-up saliency models and a newly introduced Multiscale Contrast Conspicuity (MCC) metric are compared with human visual conspicuity measurements. The agreement between human visual conspicuity estimates and model saliency predictions is quantified through their rank order correlation. The maximum of the computational(More)
Differential spatial displacement discrimination thresholds were determined for a configuration of three identical Gaussian modulated patches of sinusoidal grating presented with equal orientation and at threshold luminance contrast. The patches were arranged one above the other at equal spatial intervals. The orientation of the bars of the sinusoidal grid(More)