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Histologic structure of Mueller's adenosarcoma has been studied in 5 patients subjected to uterine and its appendages extirpation. Microspectrophotometric assessment of the course of nuclear DNA accumulation, measurement of X-chromatin in two morphologic components of the tumor (epithelial and stromal) confirmed malignant morphological nature of the latter(More)
The effect of water, glycerol, Lipotec(s.a), a hydrophobic sphyngolipid complex, and a liposome water emulsion (prepared from pig brain glycosphyngolipids) on the skin elasticity, evaluated from its resonance frequency, was investigated. It was shown that moistening of skin with water leads to swelling of epidermis cells, which is accompanied by an increase(More)
A solution method of the Holstein-Biberman equation in the case of two-dimensional finite-size geometry by means of transformation of the integral operator to a four-dimensional matrix is presented. Using this matrix the array of two-dimensional eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the radiation transport operator in the case of finite cylinder is determined.(More)
The kinetics of the free fatty acids accumulation in membranes of isolated mitochondria of the brain, heart and liver of rats, with their incubation in a medium containing no substrates and ATP, was studied. The intensity of the phospholipase damage, measured by the rate of free fatty acids accumulation, augments in the sequence of: the liver-heart-brain.(More)
The measuring-calculating system uniting the system for resonant vibrotherapy "Landysh", the analog-digital converter and computer is submitted. The system allows not only to carry out therapeutic action on a body tissues by vibration, but also to register the response of organism to this action, to supervise efficiency depend upon change of parameters of(More)
Subject to study was the influence of roentgen-contrast media on the respiration and linked with it phosphorylation in the mitochondria of the rats' liver. Triotrast, cardiotrast, bilignost and endografin are shown to produce no effect on the oxidative phosphorylation in concentrations that can be built up following their administration "in vivo", but(More)
The applications of nanotechnology to pharmacology are reviewed. The potential applications of biochips, nanosensors, bioreactors, neural stem cells, immune nanoparticles, biodegradable polymers, and convection-enhanced drug delivery in the diagnostics and treatment of diseases are discussed. Specific attention is given to developments in chemotherapeutic(More)
Atonic seizures are common in some epileptic syndromes beginning in infancy or early childhood but they are rarely described in epilepsy with focal seizures of structural aetiology. We aimed to characterize the electroclinical features of atonic seizures in surgically remediable paediatric patients and to study the spatiotemporal organization of the(More)
Changes in skin elasticity have been analyzed under different conditions (upon skin stretching, at different thickness of the skin, at different contents of collagen, intercellular and endocellular liquids, upon changes of venous pressure, and during contraction and relaxation of smooth muscles in skin vessels - vasomotions). Elasticity was defined by the(More)