Alexander Terekhov

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The dependency of the perceived intensity of a short stimulus on its duration is well established in vision and audition. No such phenomenon has been reported for the tactile modality. In this study naive observers were presented with pink noise vibrations enveloped in a Gabor wavelet. Characteristic durations ranging between 100 and 700 ms and intensities(More)
To explore haptic shape constancy across distance, we measured perceived curvature thresholds of cylindrical shapes, cut out of acetal resin blocks. On each trial, blindfolded observers used their bare finger to scan the surface of two of the shapes consecutively. One shape was close to the observer and the other positioned further away. This spatial(More)
Imagine you are pushing your finger against a compliant object. The change in the area of contact can provide an estimate of the relative displacement of the finger, such that the larger is the area of contact , the larger is the displacement. Does the human haptic system use this as a cue for estimating the displacement of the finger with respect to the(More)
Humans, many animals, and certain robotic hands have deformable fingertip pads [1, 2]. Deformable pads have the advantage of conforming to the objects that are being touched, ensuring a stable grasp for a large range of forces and shapes. Pad deformations change with finger displacements during touch. Pushing a finger against an external surface typically(More)
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