Alexander Tartakovski

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The dynamics of the market requires workflow management systems that support agile workflows workflows which are flexible concerning the adaptation to innovations. This paper presents a case-based approach to representation and index-based retrieval of past workflows in order to give authoring support for adaptation of recent workflow instances. The utility(More)
The increasing dynamics of today’s work impacts the business processes. Agile workflow technology is a means for the automation of adaptable processes. However, the modification of workflows is a difficult task that is performed by human experts. This article discusses the novel approach of agile workflow technology for dynamic, long-term scenarios and on(More)
The concept of generalized cases has been proven useful when searching for configurable and flexible products, for instance, reusable components in the area of electronic design automation. This paper addresses the similarity assessment and retrieval problem for case bases consisting of traditional and generalized cases. While approaches presented earlier(More)
In CBR applications, the traditional concept of a case is that of a point in the space spawned by the case’s attributes. Driven by examinations of several new applications, like the retrieval for intellectual properties (IPs), we proposed the concept of generalized cases [BV99, Ber02]. A generalized case (gc) covers not only one point of the attribute(More)
“We could not employ a workflow system that is not adaptable to changes.” states a chip design expert from Silicon Image GmbH, Hannover (S. Rackow, personal interview, October 25, 2006). Chip designers are used to dealing with the dynamics that result from the evolution of technology as well as from changes in the market. The increasing dynamics of the(More)
For the design of Systems on Chip (SoC) it is essential to reuse previously developed and verified components, so-called Intellectual Properties (IPs), in order to meet nowadays requirements in reliability, correctness, and time-to-market. On the downside, deciding about reusing a third-party component in a design situation can consume substantial time and(More)
In our current research project about electronic designs the problem to retrieve attribute dependent generalized cases occurs. This kind of cases cover an arbitrary subspace rather than a point in the space, spanned by the cases attributes and by a set of constraints. For such representations, the similarity assessment between a point query and generalized(More)
Similarity-based retrieval of stored objects is one of the main building blocks of a case-based reasoning approach (CBR). Over the last three decades several sophisticated retrieval methods have been developed which are more suitable for many real-world scenarios than the traditional database search. However, the CBR approach and in particular the published(More)