Alexander T. Fleck

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The beneficial element silicon (Si) may affect radial oxygen loss (ROL) of rice roots depending on suberization of the exodermis and lignification of sclerenchyma. Thus, the effect of Si nutrition on the oxidation power of rice roots, suberization and lignification was examined. In addition, Si-induced alterations of the transcript levels of 265 genes(More)
We studied the effect of Silicon (Si) on Casparian band (CB) development, chemical composition of the exodermal CB and Si deposition across the root in the Si accumulators rice and maize and the Si non-accumulator onion. Plants were cultivated in nutrient solution with and without Si supply. The CB development was determined in stained root cross-sections.(More)
Silicon (Si) promotes the formation of Casparian bands (CB) in rice and reduces radial oxygen loss (ROL). Further transcriptomic approaches revealed several candidate genes involved in the Si-induced formation of CB such as ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporter, Class III peroxidases, ligases and transferases. Investigation of these genes by means of(More)
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