Alexander Strohmaier

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We show in this article that the Reeh-Schlieder property holds for states of quantum fields on real analytic curved spacetimes if they satisfy an analytic microlocal spectrum condition. This result holds in the setting of general quantum field theory, i.e. without assuming the quantum field to obey a specific equation of motion. Moreover, quasifree states(More)
Human A431 epidermoid carcinoma cells express 12-lipoxygenase enzymatic activity. However, the isoform identity based on cDNA sequence data is not known. Further, the simultaneous characterization of the intracellular distribution of 12-lipoxygenase protein and activity is lacking. Here we report that the cDNA sequence from RT-PCR-amplified 12-lipoxygenase(More)
We relate high-energy limits of Laplace-type and Diractype operators to frame flows on the corresponding manifolds, and show that the ergodicity of frame flows implies quantum ergodicity in an appropriate sense for those operators. Observables for the corresponding quantum systems are matrix-valued pseudodifferential operators and therefore the system(More)
We used the nondestructive procedures of confocal laser scanning microscopy in combination with computer-assisted methods to visualize tumor cells in the process of penetrating collagen gels. Three independent sets of images were collected. The image information of all data sets was combined into one image, giving a three-dimensional (3D) impression at high(More)
This study applies biophysical methods like light absorption spectrophotometry of cytochromes, determination of NAD(P)H-dependent superoxide anion (O2-) formation and localisation of hydroxyl radicals (*OH) by 3-dimensional (3D) confocal laser scanning microscopy to reveal in human cells putative members of the oxygen sensing signal pathway leading to(More)
We introduce the notion of a semi-Riemannian spectral triple which generalizes the notion of spectral triple and allows for a treatment of semiRiemannian manifolds within a noncommutative setting. It turns out that the relevant spaces in noncommutative semi-Riemannian geometry are not Hilbert spaces any more but Krein spaces, and Dirac operators are(More)
We show that for compact orientable hyperbolic orbisurfaces, the Laplace spectrum determines the length spectrum as well as the number of singular points of a given order. Together with results of the first author in [1], this gives a full generalization of Huber’s theorem to the setting of compact orientable hyperbolic orbisurfaces. Mathematics Subject(More)
Let M be a connected Riemannian manifold and let D be a Dirac type operator acting on smooth compactly supported sections in a Hermitian vector bundle over M . Suppose D has a self-adjoint extension A in the Hilbert space of square-integrable sections. We show that any L2-section ' contained in a closed A-invariant subspace onto which the restriction of A(More)