Alexander Steudle

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Dirigent proteins impart stereoselectivity on the phenoxy radical-coupling reaction, yielding optically active lignans from two molecules of coniferyl alcohol. By an unknown mechanism, they direct the coupling of two phenoxy radicals toward the formation of optically active (+)- or (-)-pinoresinol. We show here that the dirigent protein AtDIR6 from(More)
We isolated cDNA clones, which correspond to the mRNA coding for the smallest of the seven mouse caseins. From the nucleotide sequence of the cDNA we deduced the amino acid sequence of the protein, which we named epsilon casein. Mouse epsilon casein and cow alpha s2 casein show amino acid sequence homologies in the N-terminal region of the mature protein.(More)
Different approaches were made to predict the adsorbed orientation based on rigid, flexible, or a mixture of both models. To determine the role of flexibility during adsorption, the orientation of lysozyme adsorbed to a negatively charged ligand surface was predicted by a rigid and a flexible model based on two differing protein structures at atomic(More)
Computational methods for predicting ligand affinity where no protein structure is known generally take the form of regression analysis based on molecular features that have only a tangential relationship to a protein/ ligand binding event. Such methods have utility in retrospective rationalization of activity patterns of substituents on a common scaffold,(More)
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