Alexander Spieß

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Zusammenfassung. Der vorliegende Beitrag stellt einen neuronalen Inter-pretationsansatz für Laserscans vor, der eine zur Klassifikation von Kamera-bildern entwickelte Technik einsetzt. Besonderes Merkmal dieses Ansatzes ist die Fähigkeit, sich in einer unüberwachten Lernphase selbstständig auf die besonderen Merkmale der Einsatzumgebung einzustellen. Die(More)
We present a case of a 65-year-old woman who developed a delayed deltoid compartment syndrome after resuscitation via humeral intraosseous access. Initially she was treated conservatively but then was taken emergently for a fasciotomy. After confirming the diagnosis with compartment pressures, a 2-incision approach was employed and a large hematoma was(More)
Ulnar neuropathy is caused by compression of the ulnar nerve in the upper extremity, frequently occurring at the level of the elbow or wrist. Rarely, ulnar nerve entrapment may be seen proximal to the elbow. This report details a case of ulnar neuropathy diagnosed and localized to the arcade of Struthers with electromyography (EMG) and ultrasound (US)(More)
Background Desirable candidate characteristics for microsurgery fellowship applicants still remain unclear, as no data are available in the literature. This study aims to provide information on the criteria that are used to select and rank applicants for the microsurgery fellowship match. Methods A 38-question survey was sent in April 2015 to all(More)
Decellularized scaffold materials are capable of regenerating missing tissues when utilized under appropriate conditions. Fat grafting also has reported advantages in revitalizing damaged tissue beds. This report details a case of traumatic fingertip amputation treated with a combination of decellularized materials in conjunction with fat grafting,(More)
number of postoperative emergency room visits (10% vs. 15%, p=0.3) within 30 days compared to the TRAS group. CONCLUSION: ERAS protocol for implant-based breast reconstruction is safe, without increased readmission rates or emergency room visits compared to TRAS, and significantly decreased length of stay. Disclosure/Financial support: None of the authors(More)
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