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A P300 deception detection protocol was tested using simultaneous versus serial countermeasures and stimulus acknowledgment responses. Previously, P300 showed recognition and elevated reaction time identified countermeasure use. Probe-irrelevant P300 differences were significant in both countermeasure groups and control group. Detection rates were 11/12 for(More)
The Poisson broadcast channel with degraded message sets models a bandwidth unlimited optical broadcast network over which a sender communicates a common message to a pair of terminals and a private message to just one of them. The capacity region for this communication model is determined by the Ko/spl uml/rner-Marton result, which in the Poisson regime is(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine ace-inhibitor (ACEI) and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARB) prescription and adherence patterns by race in diabetic public aid recipients. DESIGN, PARTICIPANTS, AND MEASURES We analyzed prescription records of 27,529 adults aged 18-64 with diabetes who had at least one clinical indication for receiving an ACEI/ ARB prescription and(More)
INTRODUCTION Ecological momentary assessments (EMAs) are useful for understanding both between- and within-subject dynamic changes in smoking and mood. Modeling 2 moods (positive affect [PA] and negative affect [NA], PA and NA) simultaneously will better enable researchers to explore the association between mood variables and what influences them at both(More)
Countermeasures pose a serious threat to the effectiveness of the Concealed Information Test (CIT). In a CIT experiment, Rosenfeld and Labkovsky in Psychophysiology 47(6):1002-1010, (2010) observed a previously unknown positive ERP component at about 900 ms post-stimulus at Fz and Cz that could potentially serve as an index of countermeasure use. Here, we(More)
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