Alexander Soibel

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Mid-infrared photothermal heterodyne spectroscopy in a liquid crystal using a quantum cascade laser Appl. Subpicosecond electron-hole recombination time and terahertz-bandwidth photoresponse in freestanding GaAs epitaxial mesoscopic structures Appl. Robust and economical multi-sample, multi-wavelength UV/vis absorption and fluorescence detector for(More)
Pharmacogenetics seeks to improve patient drug response and decrease side effects by personalizing prescriptions using genetic information. Since 2012, by one estimate, the number of patients who have had pharmacogenetic testing has doubled and this number is expected to double again by 2015. Given the increasing evidence for genetic influences on treatment(More)
Self-monitoring and social comparison are theoretically related, as the former involves searching the environment for information to inform changes in one's own behavior and the latter involves seeking out social information for the purposes of comparison. We examined the relation between these two constructs, while simultaneously examining how scale choice(More)
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