Alexander Shpunt

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MOTIVATION Although many methods and statistical approaches have been developed for protein identification by mass spectrometry, the problem of accurate assessment of statistical significance of protein identifications remains an open question. The main issues are as follows: (i) statistical significance of inferring peptide from experimental mass spectra(More)
For a binary sequence <i>Sn</i> = {<i>si</i>: <i>i</i>=1,2,...,<i>n</i>} ¿ {±1}<i>n</i>, <i>n</i> &gt; 1, the peak sidelobe level (PSL) is defined as M(S<sub>n</sub>)=max<sub>k=1,2,...,n-1</sub>|¿<sub>i=1</sub> <sup>n-k</sup>S<sub>i</sub>S<sub>i</sub>+k|. It is shown that the distribution of <i>M</i>(<i>Sn</i>) is strongly concentrated, and asymptotically(More)
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